Founded in 1998, Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) is a highly selective, leading undergraduate investment club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Each year, MII manages an investment portfolio with the goal of educating members about investing through interactive portfolio management. By maintaining a small, dedicated member base of approximately 60 undergraduate students, MII is able to effectively teach members about investing in a variety of equity, fixed income, and derivative securities. MII also provides many resources to help members secure internship and full-time job placements, and hosts the ENGAGE Undergraduate Investment Conference each Fall.

On January 2nd, 2020 members and alumni from MII were invited to ring the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of UIC

Our pillars

An important goal of MII is to educate members about investing and strengthen their knowledge of financial markets. This goal is comprised of three parts: First, new members attend “Breakfast Club” sessions to learn the basics of investing, including how to source investments, value firms, and use financial data tools. Second, senior members lead presentations during club meetings on more advanced investing topics, such as distressed debt investing, options valuation, and monetary policy. Third, every meeting features a market update that provides members with a foundation and framework to understand current economic conditions and events.
MII builds a student-run portfolio through a process in which members source ideas through their own research, and pitch their best investment ideas as a pitch team to the rest of the club. After each pitch, there is an extensive Q&A session in which members seek to stress test thesis points made during the pitch to ensure we are making the best investment decisions as a club. Members then vote on whether the security should be added to MII’s portfolio. Each member in MII has equal voting power, from freshman to senior. After an investment has been approved, it is then sent to the investment committee where sizing and risk based hedging approaches are discussed.
Professional Development
Our members are high performing. Graduating seniors have gone off into a variety of firms on both the sell side and buy side. Their success is attributable to the intrinsic work ethic and intellect they possess, which MII is able to magnify through our extensive resources and alumni network. Because of the hands on training and industry like standards for pitches, MII members find themselves well prepared when they enter the workforce and are able to hit the ground running when they start their internships or full time careers.

Our history

  • 1998
  • 2002
    Official Recognition
  • 2006
    Early Growth
  • 2007
    First Undergraduate Investment Conference
  • 2008
  • 2017
    UIC Expansion

1998 Founded

Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) was founded in 1998 with the objective of learning through hands-on portfolio management.

2002 Official Recognition

In 2002, MII became an official club of the Ross School of Business; however, membership remained and continues to remain open to any undergraduate student at the University of Michigan.

2006 Early Growth

By the mid-2000’s, membership grew to over 300 members. As of the 2008-2009 academic year, MII was one of the largest student run investment clubs in the nation.

2007 First UIC

MII held its first ever Undergraduate Investment Conference in the Fall of 2007.

2008 Transformation

In the Fall of 2008, MII underwent a transformation, consolidating membership to sixty passionate and knowledgeable individuals so as to create a stronger, more cohesive club. This new structure continues to provide our members with more interactive meetings and increased member involvement.

2017 UIC Expansion

In 2017, the annual Undergraduate Investment Conference (organized by MII) was expanded to feature a full conference with multiple keynote sessions in addition to the annual stock pitch competition.