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Michigan Interactive Investments is the leading investment club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and is open to any undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Michigan. Each fall, MII seeks to add new members, and current students are invited to attend our information sessions held in early September to learn more about the organization. MII’s application process consists of an online application two in-person interviews. Applications are competitive, and the acceptance rate for MII applicants at the beginning of each year is typically less than 10%.

Although the process is competitive, do not let a lack of a finance background deter you. We look for a diverse group of passionate individuals who have experiences and interests in many different fields. We place particular emphasis on:

  • Proven academic excellence
  • Interest in financial markets and strong willingness to learn
  • High level of extracurricular involvement and demonstrated leadership initiative

Once accepted, most students remain members until graduation from the University. Each accepted member will be asked to provide a $150 membership fee for their first year of membership and $100 each following academic year to cover operating expenses of the club. However, in cases of financial hardship, dues are waived.

New members will also be placed into a group of five to six members, led by a senior club member, in which they will prepare investment pitches and market updates for the club. Through this process, members will learn about the markets and gain relevant hands-on investment experience throughout the year.

Additionally, to help educate our new members, MII runs biweekly “Breakfast Club” sessions. During these sessions, new members will learn, practice, and apply investment analyses in preparation for club pitches and to provide a sound foundation for a career in finance. Breakfast Club topics include basic and intermediate financial accounting, interactive valuation sessions (including building a DCF model and comparables analysis from scratch), and sourcing investment ideas, among other topics.

If you have any further questions, please email Arjun Prakash, VP of New Member Relations, at